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The Titans II Gnostic Mysticism By Bobby Hemmit *Instant Download* #Rare #MustHave #BobbyHemmit #Titans #Gnosticism #Mythology

The Titans II Gnostic Mysticism By Bobby Hemmit *Instant Download* #Rare #MustHave #BobbyHemmit #Titans #Gnosticism #Mythology

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Bobby Hemmitt says a lot about deep, wise, intelligent and "crazy" things. Bobby Hemmitt is a scholar of esoteric knowledge. He has been captivating audiences for the past 20 years with a dynamic brand of exploratory scholarship and an energetic public delivery that involves a tremendous amount of research that he always and I repeat always gives to you within the presentation. If you think he's talking out of the side of his neck you can call him out but you better check his sources first. His research is impeccable. His philosophy is based in knowing that all the things labelled pagan, occult, and mysterious are the knowledge and wisdom of the cultures of the world that were living in harmony with all life prior to the rise of our current European centered civilization. The rational, christian, scientific belief systems are a paradigm that limits our ability to access the unity of oneness with all existence. Bobby delves into what we call metaphysics, rituals, science, occult, voodoo, astronomy, Gnostic wisdom, mysticism, kemetic wisdom, UFO's, magic of all forms, Greek mythology, and some so-called "downright satanic shit." Blending them all into one and giving an insightful analysis of current events that is just awesome to witness.

This rare book goes into the Gnostic Mythology and Titans of the time period before christian theology took over the world. This is eBook going into details of the Gnostic's of Egypt (Kemet) and their total refusal to believe in the world as it was outlined by Christian Theologians. Which led to the destruction in Both Egypt and Bosnia to name a few.

Here are some of the topics this book covers:

1. The Titans and the Star Love
2. Okeanos and Tethys
3. Chaos, Gaia and Eros
4. Typhoeus or Typhon, Zeus and Aigipan
5. Titans and Men: Catastrophe and Wisdom


This short but very Rare occult book is available for your physical library. $15.15 is the price for this rare text.

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