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The Art and Practice of The Occult *Instant Download* #InstantDownload

The Art and Practice of The Occult *Instant Download* #InstantDownload

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Please note these are NOT the original books and are 2ND HAND REPLICAS that are available for a limited time. Please Take time to view the images provided to have an idea of what you are receiving prior to your purchase.
What is the Occult? And what does a knowledge of the Occult do for you, here and now?In his third book, Ophiel again probes the questions that have evinced man's speculation through the ages - the whys and wherefores of existence. Drawing on various sources, primarily the Qabalistic Tree of Life, he studies the Elemental Forces, or, in Hindu, the Tattvas: Earth,Prithivi; Water,Apas; Fire,Tejas; Air,Vayu; and Ether, Akasha. He introduces you to their symbology in form and color; and the various rituals that man has evolved from the study of these forces as integral parts of our lives.

This very rare occult book is available for your Digtal library. $19.19 is the price for this rare text.

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