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Spiritual Cleansings and Psychic Defenses By Robert Laremy #Conjure #RobertLaremy #PsychicDefense #ProtectionMagick #LoveMagick #LoveDrawing

Spiritual Cleansings and Psychic Defenses By Robert Laremy #Conjure #RobertLaremy #PsychicDefense #ProtectionMagick #LoveMagick #LoveDrawing

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Psychic attacks are real and the effects can be devastating to the victim. Negative vibrations can be as harmful as bacteria, germs and viruses. There are time honored methods of fighting these insidious and pernicious agents of distress. These techniques are described in this book and they can be applied by you. No special training or supernatural powers are needed to successfully employ these remedies. All the procedures described in this book are safe and effective, following the instructions without the slightest deviation. The cleansings provided are intended as "over-the-counter" prescriptions to be used by anyone being victimized by these agents of chaos.

This book is absolutely amazing! It provides what you need to get through your day dealing with energy vampires. It's filled with spells/rituals you can perform to deflect those energies. Must have book for everday vibrations we encounter.

Suggested tools to consider for purchasing with this book:
Archangel Michael Candles/ Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
Color Candles/ Black, Red, White
Herbs like Mugwort, High John Root etc.
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