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Occult principles of health and healing*Instant Download* AudioBook #NoLongerInPrint #RareOccultText #MaxHeindel

Occult principles of health and healing*Instant Download* AudioBook #NoLongerInPrint #RareOccultText #MaxHeindel

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Please note these are NOT the original books and are 2ND HAND REPLICAS that are available for a limited time. Please Take time to view the images provided to have an idea of what you are receiving prior to your purchase.

This compilation of material concerning the health and healing of the human organism as considered from the occult viewpoint affords those interested in attaining and maintaining health a treasure chest of valuable information. Max Heindel, a trained clairvoyant and investigator of the super-physical worlds, devoted much time and effort to ascertaining the real causes of physical and mental disorders as revealed in the realm of cause, the higher or superphysical planes, and this volume contains the fruits of his labor. It embodies some of the most priceless truths in regard to the origin, functions, and proper care of the vehicles of man to be found on the printed page, and those concerned with the true art of healing will find it an indispensable addition to their libraries.

This rare occult book is available to order for your digital library $7.77 is the price for this rare text.

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