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Matrix IV : The Equivideum (IV) Mind Blowing Read!!! **Instant Access**!!

Matrix IV : The Equivideum (IV) Mind Blowing Read!!! **Instant Access**!!

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Please note these are NOT the original books and are 2ND HAND REPLICAS that are available for a limited time. Please Take time to view the images provided to have an idea of what you are receiving prior to your purchase.

A massive time, the fourth in Val Valerian's Matrix series, a high discussion of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. Subtitled "Paradigms and Dimensions of Human Evolution and Consciousness", this 1081-page book provides a remarkable collection of perspectives regarding the spiritual, psychological, al-chemical and trans-dimensional realities that the human condition finds itself nested in.

This very rare occult book is made available and will come as 2 booklets $55.55 is the price for this rare text.

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