Magical Rituals for Love by Donna Rose #MustHave for #HoodooPractitioners #Hoodoo #Conjure #DonnaRose #LoveMagick #LoveDrawing

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This is a book of easy-to-do spells to obtain your goals in Love. These traditional rituals and information have been used by practitioners for many generations. If you believe, you will succeed. Magic is everywhere and it can be used to do absolutely anything.

This book is packed with tons of very good love spells that have been tried and worked well. It does not contain bunch of junk that other spell books have. It only contains the spells and what to say and visualize. It not a big book but contains what the title on top of it say: love spells.

Suggested tools to consider for purchasing with this book:
Love Drawing Candles/ Fire of Love Oil
Color Candles/ Red, Pink White
Herbs like Lavender, Patchouli etc.