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LuckyMojoCurioCo "Compelling" Bath Crystals #Great Deal #BathCrystal #SpiritBath #CleansingRituals #RitualMagick

LuckyMojoCurioCo "Compelling" Bath Crystals #Great Deal #BathCrystal #SpiritBath #CleansingRituals #RitualMagick

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Compelling spiritual supplies are used by those who wish to compel another to make good on a promise.

Spiritual Bathing and Cleansing is an ancient practice, recommended in the Bible and found in all parts of the world. Many people believe that a Ritual Bath will put an end to adverse conditions and open the way for Luck, Love, Money, and Happiness to enter their lives. Those who use these Scented Crystals in Spiritual Baths dissolve half the contents of a packet in a tub of water and pour the liquid over themselves as they recite a wish, a prayer, or one of the Psalms. We also know folks who dissolve these Scented Crystals in a pail of warm water and use as a Floor Wash to rid the home of Foul Odors and to bring about their desires in Financial Matters, Luck, Romance, or Games of Chance.

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