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Metallic Gold Glass Novena 7 Day Candle! ✨🔥 #SpellCandles #RootWork #Conjure"

Metallic Gold Glass Novena 7 Day Candle! ✨🔥 #SpellCandles #RootWork #Conjure"

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🕯️✨ Illuminate your space with the radiance of our Metallic Gold 7 Day Conjure Candle! ✨🕯️ Crafted from high-quality paraffin wax, this stunning candle stands approximately 8 1/4" tall and measures 2 1/2" wide, exuding elegance and enchantment.

🔥 Burn this candle for approximately 140 hours, allowing its flickering flame to infuse your surroundings with mystical energy and intention. Whether you're performing spell work or seeking spiritual guidance, our Metallic Gold 7 Day Conjure is the perfect companion on your journey.

🌟 Enhance your rituals and manifestations with the brilliance of gold, symbolizing abundance, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment. Let its luminous glow awaken your senses and elevate your spiritual practice to new heights.

⚠️ Please note: We do not accept refunds for herbal teas and other spiritual items, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your spiritual journey.

Ignite the power within and illuminate your path with our Metallic Gold 7 Day Conjure Candle. Order yours today and embrace the magic! ✨🕯️

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