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Cyclocmancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control By Frank Rudolph Young (Rare Book!!!) MUST Have for Psychics!! #CheaperThanAmazon #MentalMagick

Cyclocmancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control By Frank Rudolph Young (Rare Book!!!) MUST Have for Psychics!! #CheaperThanAmazon #MentalMagick

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Please note these are NOT the original books and are 2ND HAND REPLICAS that are available for a limited time. Please Take time to view the images provided to have an idea of what you are receiving prior to your purchase.

Super scarce find in the field of personal psychic power, manifestation and divination. 20 lesson this should be the cheapest you can find a physical copy of this book. 

1001 true magic techniques for achieving your heart's desire... magic that should bring you new health, new happiness, new prosperity. For Cyclomancy, as Mr. Young states, clearly proves that magic does exist and shows you how - without so much as lifting a finger - incredible results may be achieved. To give you just a brief sample, Mr. Young states that this book shows how you may... - Move objects without touching them; - Hear a conversation going on anywhere, any time; - Travel any place with your Astral Body and gain first-hand information unobtainable by any other means; - Roll back your age and find yourself young again; - Make others see only what you tell them they see; - Materialize objects out of thin air. Mr. Young points out that Cyclomancy (another name for White Magic) is simply the use of certain hidden powers that we all possess. Powers given to us long before books were invented. Forgotten powers. For example, like most people you probably don't remember how to move objects without touching them. But you possess the power to do it. Powers like X Ray Vision, Astral Projection. Hypnotic Mental Attraction and Power Hearing, to name just a few. And yet these magic powers are not difficult to use at all. On the contrary, they require no manual dexterity, no expensive equipment of any time. Just read the instructions and do the exercises, says Mr. Young, and you should awaken astonishing powers you never dreamed possible. What kinds of Powers. Powers like these: The power to know what people look like before you even see them; The power to reduce and stay slim without starvation; The Power to slow down or halt the aging process so that you may actually live many years longer; The power to weaken a dangerously defiant person with the Psychic Harpoon; The power to compel someone who ignores you romantically to notice you with keen interest; The power to send and receive messages through space - across a room, a city, or a continent - to anyone, anytime.

This very Rare occult book is made to order $333.33 is the price for this rare text.

This is a custom order please be advised that the wait for this books completion will be between 7-10 business days.

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