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AQUARIAN TAROT Tarot Cards Deck & Instruction Booklet by Paladini #Tarot #Divination #TarotCards #AquarianTarot #Paladini #AquarianAge

AQUARIAN TAROT Tarot Cards Deck & Instruction Booklet by Paladini #Tarot #Divination #TarotCards #AquarianTarot #Paladini #AquarianAge

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First introduced in 1970, the compelling art deco imagery in this now-classic tarot deck brought medieval tarot symbolism into the modern Aquarian age. Aquarian Tarot has remained a bestseller throughout the four decades it has been in print and still resonates today with those seeking transformation.

Inspired by the Art Deco artistic style, the Aquarian Tarot is has long been popular, heralded as the deck that brought medieval symbolism into the modern, Aquarian age. 8 page booklet included. 78 cards. Card stack is 5 5/8" x 3" x 1"

The tarot is a form of occult and, some say, spiritual card deck. Originating in Italy in the 1400s, it was apparently devised for playing a trumping card game called Tarocchi. Since the 1700s it has been widely used for fortune telling and divination of the future, and it is also linked by many occult and hermetic authors to a mystical system of Hebrew Kaballah or even ancient Egyptian spiritual beliefs. There are hundreds of different tarot decks in existence, with considerable variation from deck to deck. Most feature 78 cards, one of which is designated the Fool -- and in most tarot decks the remainder of the cards are divided into three portions: four suits of numbered cards (also known as lesser arcana, the pips, or the minor trumps), four suits of court cards (also called the face cards), and a series of non-suited emblematic cards that may be sequentially numbered, called the major trumps, trionfi, or major arcana. Although divination with cards seems to have originated with regular decks of playing cards, tarot cards are now the most popular cards used for fortune telling, and they are also widely used as aids to meditation, mystical development, ritual workings, and spell-craft.

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