Bobby Hemmitt - It's Deeper than Racism

Bobby Hemmitt - It's Deeper than Racism

Who is Bobby Hemmitt??


Brother Bobby Hemmitt is a scholar of esoteric & occult knowledge who has been captivation us for over 30+ years he is the teacher of many occult students like Brother Panic, Travis Magus,Sevan Bomar, Brother Rich, Love Lift Life and many more, He is a Colleague of other Master Teachers such as Phil Valentine and Dr. Delbert Blair.

Brother Bobby is a raw, spiritual and down to earth speaker. He decodes the mysteries that have been locked into the "mystery system" and brings the universe back to "Black" life.
Most of Bobby’s lectures are 2 to 8 hours.

Bobby Hemmitt’s lectures will blow your mind with powerful information! Be prepared! In this snippet Brother Bobby speaks on the aspect of Racism and it's connection to something deeper than just skin color or race (as many would label it as such). He explains how it's not the color of your skin or the title of your nationality but how your energy is a vital point of importance. He explains why many beings of lesser command would feel threatened by "so called people of color" and those associated spiritual presence. Many of these entities fear those who are powerful but are unaware of their maximized spiritual potential. As a result many are left with no real understanding of the illusion of racism. Check out the snippet video from YouTube Page Masterly Foolish below.


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Dear God, I have watch your video and lectures from the 90’s on and i truly thought i was alone until. As a child i was different and knew we as melanated beings are a special creation. Down in south Alabama it has been a hard 40 years. I have been on this quest for the knowledge you convey since the age of 8 years old. When i told my family the Sun was a Blackman. They looked at me crazy and called the preacher and some pray warriors lol. But what the Sun told me i never could shake it i knew it. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth to us in the eyes of the enemy. May this message reach you in good health,Spirit and soul.

Yazan Ra

May the Continue of Bless you Forever 🧐😁❤️🎶🎶🎵

Arnold Ingram


Thank you for everything that you did for us Bobby Hemmitt! You are the greatest! We love you forever!

Thank you!



Bwana Payeye Kizito

Brother Bobby,I hope that the ancestors have ushered you to a full recovery? I truly love you work,and have been an admirer of you way of teaching,thank you,thank you,and thank you……peace and universal favor,continually…

Ross Gregory

Hey how you doing Sir? I just want to Thank you with all my Heart. Your Work is that of a Master Prophet of the Science of ExoConsciousness . The Funniest , The Realest Master jedi in the Whole Universe. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Im a Black Anunaki Pleiadian Cherokee Venusian. You Work is Near and Dear to me.

Razin Smith

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