Properly feeding your senses to reach higher frequencies of thought

Properly feeding your senses to reach higher frequencies of thought

Many foundations of spirituality say that life and death are in the power of tongue. This sentiment is even shared in many religious aspects of today. However some of us are aren't aware of other parts of our consciousness that require attention, focus and nurturing. Most of us are bombarded with constant distractions that take us away from our inner being, our true inner selves.

We are distracted so much that we place "characters" over ourselves when dealing with our day-to-day duties. From the moment we are incarnated into this realm. We absorb information. We acquire influences and habits that we unintentionally are driven by. And the things that stick with us, the interest and hobbies are passed down in some ways from our ancestors and inhabitants around us. Sometimes we don't realize that from these many interactions with others and daily duties that we should be aware of the things we feed our senses. The things we feed our ears, eyes, mind, and even our bodies are an important part of what make us who we are and influence our habits and emotions.

From our experiences we forget who we are and that can be a bit of a conundrum for a lot of us who lack a level of awareness But luckily for those of us who are seeking to find our way back to the self, seeking to acquire self mastery of our personality. Those of us who are seeking to find self mastery of who we truly are and what we are capable of. Are lead down a path of questioning and acquiring levels of knowledge many would ignore.

A sound mind creates a sound soul. And since we are vibrational beings we require focus to resonate (vibrate) on a certain frequency to attain certain levels of mastery. Path working is one of many roads to self mastery. The ability to cut the personality and return to the root of who we are.  A practice we all require is quieting of the mind, doing the work for not only our physical bodies but for our spiritual body. No matter the frequency, high or low, we find our way to others of that frequency. One way or the other. We find different outlets to feed our soul and learn about what more there is to ourselves and our lives. What's the next step?

How can we be who we truly meant to be. A practice we all hear at the start of the path is to rest and relax or meditate, all these things, all these practices are essential to not only reprogram our being but to release and cut away any thing that doesn't serve our mental, and physical being. These are practices to create discipline of the mind, to reprogram us from those that have been programmed. And most of us to find inner peace within ourselves.

Many of us have acquired emotional loss, trauma, disappointments. And why? Because of our unspoken expectation that we have acquired from outside influences, outside distractions and the desire to belong and the illusion to feel as if we are normal like everyone else. But what is normalcy. Normalcy is a filter a limiter of our unique imprint on the universe. Uniqueness is something that should be acknowledged and nurtured. There are many paths to one goal and as the Kybalion mentions: The All is mind; The Universe is Mental. The first law of the 7 hermetic principles, which can be relative to so many aspects of our lives. Before we can move forward we need to have  a level of awareness. Awareness is key, in fact it is the key to unlocking our true potential. The path to mastery so that we can be who are truly meant to be.

How we can be who we are meant to be? By knowing thyself. That's right "Know Thyself". It seems simple but much more complicated as we strip away the things that have influenced us for so long. But a suggestion is do the work. From that work we learn things about ourselves and this system of reality that we are all apart of. We learn to unlock the secret and see outside of the illusion. How do we do that, where do we begin. A few of us here at are lucky enough to find a way to others of our frequency. Colleagues and practitioners of spirituality who are learning the system as we are. As we mentioned in a previous article in relation to Bobby Hemmitt.

Bobby Hemmitt sparked an awakening in many of us who are seeking to know what makes us who we are. A fellow student of Bobby Hemmitt is on a path to seeking understanding and mastery of the higher self, and higher frequencies of though, Travis Magus (as previously mentioned) the teacher and creator of The Magus Acadamy has recently shared some powerful words in a series of videos which you can view below. In this he shares his perspective of doing the work and seeing beyond the veil of normalcy and how we learn the vast complexities of the universe in working with spirits and energy and most importantly working on ourselves.  Doing the work, knowing ourselves is only one part of the puzzle. Check out 1 of the 4 videos below and share with us what you think from this perspective.

Another great video to help on sorting out the self and doing inner work is a build from the the YouTube Channel of Love Lift Life it's definitely an earful of knowledge available for you to build on the self and shadow work so that we can ascend and reach into higher levels of thought and frequency.

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love Bobby Hemmitt and his awesome lectures.


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