People First Metaphysics now Accepts $Guap $DOGE $BTC and various other Crypto's Via Checkout

As we come into the space of E-Commerce and more many of us are adapting to the space using crypto's as a means to receive assets. We here at People First Unlimited Fully Embrace the new digital space to provide fellow members of the the spiritual technology community with the huge momentum that the crypto community is generating. As it stands now is the time for People First Metaphysics to accept Guap, BTC, ETH and Dogecoin as a payment method with that being said here is how you can begin the process below. A few quick steps to help make the process easy and seamless.

Once you sign in via our usual process

After you enter your shipping information 

At the Payment screen select the coin payments option

Finalize your check out here and connect your digital wallet to complete your purchase

We look forward to pushing the envelope forward with our support of many digital currencies and more within the metaphysical communities. 


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